How Sofa Bed Works?

Benetti corner sofa bed with shelf

How Sofa Bed Works? Sofa beds stand as a testament to versatility in contemporary living spaces, offering the dual functionality of comfortable seating and a convenient sleeping solution. In this insightful exploration, we endeavor to unravel the intricate mechanics behind sofa beds, with a keen focus on three distinctive opening mechanisms that redefine the way we experience furniture.

Understanding the Traditional Pull-Out Mechanism:

The time-honoured pull-out sofa bed, an embodiment of industry standards, is celebrated for its user-friendly design and straightforward operation. Begin the unfolding process by removing the top cushions, unveiling a spring-loaded metal frame. As the mattress gracefully unfolds in three parts, a simple pull of the bed mechanism bar initiates the transformation. Closing is a seamless endeavor – effortlessly lift the end of the sleeper sofa bed, angling it back into the lower section of the sofa, resulting in a quick and efficient transition.

The Contemporary Appeal of Easy Open Mechanism:

Introducing a contemporary twist to sofa bed functionality, our Easy Open mechanism caters to the needs of modern homes. This innovative design prioritises seamless operation, making it an optimal choice for those seeking both style and convenience. A strategically placed handle underneath the front of the sofa unlocks the frame, facilitating a smooth transition from sofa to bed, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Embracing Innovation with Click Clack Mechanism:

For those valuing unparalleled convenience, our Click Clack mechanism emerges as a game-changer in the realm of sofa beds. Characterised by a single click, this mechanism effortlessly transforms the sofa into a comfortable bed. Particularly suited for smaller interiors, it offers a swift and efficient solution without compromising on the comfort synonymous with Elite Interiors.

Quality Over Everything at Elite Interiors:

At Lava Corners, we stand as a beacon of commitment to longevity and comfort in the realm of sofa beds. With over four decades of expertise, our roots in mattress making shine through, ensuring that every product reflects a deep-seated commitment to quality and a love for furniture.


In conclusion, the diverse range of sofa beds at Lava Corners caters to various preferences, be it the time-honoured pull-out, the contemporary easy open, or the innovative click clack. The selection process involves a consideration of crucial factors like the opening mechanism, mattress craftsmanship, frame construction, cushion materials, upholstery fabric, and overall workmanship. Elevate your living space with a sofa bed that transcends the ordinary, providing a perfect blend of style, functionality, and a profound love for furniture. With Lava Corners, embark on a journey where every piece is an investment in timeless comfort and enduring quality.

So now you know how sofa bed works.

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