We believe that high-quality furniture does not have to cost a fortune, but must be functional, comfortable and beautiful.

That is why we offer stylish and comfortable sofas in stain-resistant fabrics, easy to clean and even in materials specially designed for dog and cat owners!

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Stain resistant

Everyone would love their new sofa to look brand new for as long as possible. Our wide range of stain-resistant fabrics will help you achieving it! Covered with special layer, fabrics don't absorb spilled liquids and you have time to clean it.W also offer fabrics dedicated for pet-lovers, resistant to scratch and easy to clean. Our sofas in a washable / stain-resistant fabrics are especially recommended for customers with small children or pets. But let's be honest, we adults also spill things sometimes too 😉


The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It must be comfortable, beautiful and functional. A well-chosen sofa will fit into the interior design and will stay with you fo years. Our collection of sofas and corner sofas is stylish and timeless and will definitely impress you and your guests.


Our couches are beautiful, comfortable and multifunctional. Most of then have sleeping option and storage container. Additional functions such as cup holders, a USB port or a electric socket will ensure even more convenient use of the furniture. Our sofas will work both in smaller rooms and large living rooms.


A comfortable armchair, corner or sofa are extremely important pieces of furniture in every home. Reading books, listening to music, watching TV and relaxing in a comfortable piece of furniture will be much more fun!

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